Psychedelic Medicine Integration Support
Psychedelic Medicine Integration Support

Psychedelic Medicine Integration Support

Integration is a key part of Medicine Journey experiences so that we take the space and time to implement some of the insights that surfaced during our Journeywork. If we move on with life as if the Medicine Journey was solely momentary entertainment or a hopeful quick fix then we may miss great opportunity to invite new ways of engaging our relationships, views, habits, and day to day lives. Integration aids us in engaging and knowing those new perspectives, feelings, and ways of being that Medicine invited. Invitation and allowance of new ways occurs during the Medicine Journeys and then from there we get to choose to sink into those wisdoms via daily practice, play, and intentionality. I can offer you individual and group Integration assistance.

To integrate further on your own consider…

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation, engaging breath work, inviting self care via baths, talking with loved ones, doing your favorite flow-state activity, going on a dinner date, cooking a nice meal, participating in Ecstatic Dance, going for nature walks, and journaling. These will all support you in slowing down, knowing your truths, and cultivating both human and natural world connections that invite you to stay authentic, open, loving, and accountable with yourself.

During Integration sessions with you one on one I will…

Navigate options that may be most supportive to you with you.

Listen and discuss your journey experiences with you.

Invite drawing, writing, or collecting rocks and nature beings to support remembering your experiences.

Ask open curious questions and invite you to hone in on your perspectives.

Invite walking, standing, or sitting meditations.

Guide you with body or chakra scans.

Guide you into observing and being of the natural world.

Encourage this natural world relationship and learning from beings around us.

Ask you to slow down and engage how you feel emotionally and/or in your body.

Give you supportive resources (click here) to engage your experiences.

Create intentions and goals for supporting your day to day life and engagements.

Inquire what feels different or new for you.

Inquire about how your relations around you are supported by your self care and Medicine Journeywork.

Be open to your suggestions around what might be supportive to you.

Be open to your feedback around our time together — what you like and is supportive and what might be done differently.

I look forward to our time together.

Integration Support

(Many of these questions are by LMFT Allison McQueen in The Seven Stages of Integration)

·  What are your internal resources? (Healthy esteem, humor, self-care and introspection practices)

·  What and who are your external resources? Who will engage with your processes and experience in a supportive manner? (Groups, friends, family, therapist, films, nature…)

·  What are your transpersonal resources? (Dreams, meditation, parts work, spiritual practices connecting to Goddess/Higher Power/Spirit)

·  What happened during your session? Give voice to your story.

·  What body sensations, visuals, or emotions were really communicating to you? Describe them.

·  What was difficult about your experience? What was joy inspiring? How are you feeling emotionally after the experience and how did you feel during?

·  What is different or new for you now? What are you inviting or seeing?

·  What did you discover about yourself or life potentials?

·  Are there things you are allowing to unfold? What are you letting go of?

·  What rules and norms do not feel in alignment for you and what boundaries or desires do you want to honor?

·  Did you receive information around how to find balance and alignment?

·  What felt really good about your session? What did you surrender to or allow a lessening of armor or beliefs around?

·  Where do you feel openness in your body or life? What do you feel inspired to try? Who or what are you inspired by?

·  What practices, such as art or movement, are you drawn to?

·  Are you now filing memories in the past and stepping into this year or are you processing experiences and how do either of these potentials feel in your body?

·  What is possible now that was not before?

·  How does your journey’s insights and feelings translate into your day to day life, relationships, addictions, and work?

·  What outside of yourself is different?

·  How might others describe you or benefit from you having medicine experiences? Do medicine experiences support you?

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