Please look into my offerings via the tabs above and reach out if I can be of assistance with Medicine Journeying, Guided Outdoor Meditation, Animal Care, or Native Plant and Food Cultivation. I am passionate about re-connecting with our Earth in the midst of modern ways of living. I have created the services you see based on my cares and experience. My training, education, and work includes The Psychedelic Sitter School, mentorship with the Psychedelic Introvert, MA in both Psychology and Gender Studies at The University of Utah, Valley Behavioral Health with people with SPMI, Embodylab’s Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy program, YTT with Yoga Assets, Mindfulness and Vipassana Meditation at Naropa University and retreat centers, Soul Dimension’s Breathwork, NOLS Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Therapy Guiding at RedCliff Ascent, World-Wide Organic Farming, Earth Activist Permaculture Design Certificate, gardening with The Living Systems Institute, engaging Rover, and Denver Dog Hikers. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions and I will be transparent about my capacities, abilities, and services.

Jai Reese


All photos and information by Jai Reese of Journey With Jai 2022 or credited.