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Pet Care

Pet Care

Denver Area Pet Care

Peace of mind for your pets while you’re away. Whether for overnight stays or drop-ins, your fur babies will be fed per their normal schedule and we will play, go for walks, cuddle and take naps as needed. I am available to stay with pets who have medical needs, are elderly, and those who are anxious or protective as well. 

I will send you as many or as few photos and updates as you like. For overnight stays, I am typically away from your home between 2 and 6  hours at a time and can work with you around scheduling. If your home is chemical conscious and clean that is helpful. You can expect to return to a tidy space. I am insured to take care of your home and animals.

Overnight Stay Pricing

One day’s payment is required to hold your booking. If you have to cancel, I will keep this deposit to compensate for blocking off the calendar dates. Full payment will occur upon your trip return. Invoice available upon request. See available dates and book a meet and greet here. 

Rates per 24 hour period. If you would like me for a single 24 hour period then please add $10 to the named costs below. If you would like me to stay later on the final day, I am happy to and will add a percent of a day’s cost. Please add $5 a day for holiday stays.

$65/day for 1 dog

$75/day for a puppy (up to 18 months old), youthful, or highly energetic dog

$85/day for 1 dog and 1 additional dog OR cat

$100/day for 1 dog and 2 additional animals (cats or dogs)

$50 for 1 cat, $60 for 2 cats, $70 for 3 cats, $75 for 4 cats… for my cat lovers!

Drop-in Visit Pricing

I am happy to come by and give your animals affection, food, and care. I can take your dog outside or go for a walk and I can clean your cat’s litter box and play with them. I will update you with information and photos.

$25 per 35 minute drop-in to feed and walk or play with one dog (+$10 per additional dog).

$30 for an hour drop-in or walk for one dog (+$10 per additional dog).

Add $5 if drive distance is more than 15 minutes or 12 miles from my Lakewood location.

$20 per 35 minute drop in to play, feed, and/or clean the litter box with one cat. $30 for an hour.

$5 extra per additional cat.

Have chickens? I can feed them, collect eggs, and clean the coop. Contact me to discuss!

“Jai got to know each of my dogs and their individual needs and unique personalities, providing them the perfect care + attention while I was away.”


All photos and information by Jai Reese of Journey With Jai 2022 or credited.