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Psychedelic Medicine

Psychedelic Medicine

Psychedelic Medicine Journeys | Denver, CO

Journeying is about healing and self-discovery that ripples into your daily life. Each journey is an invitation to live into paradigms that could be new or ancient and forgotten—tending to your worth, support of others, your work in the world, your relationship to spirituality, and your care for the earth. Learn more about me and why I do this work.

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The Journey

Our time together will include at least 2-3 online preparation sessions, the medicine journey, and at least 2-3 online integration sessions. We will engage in as much preparation and integration as is needed for both of us to feel confident. 

Cannabis and low-dose psilocybin journeys are typically 3 hours, while psychedelic dose psilocybin journeys can be up to 6-8 hours. Preparation and integration sessions are generally an hour long and conducted virtually.

3 hour journeys with 2 preparation and 2 integration sessions are $525. 6-8 hour journeys with 2 preparation and 2 integration sessions are $825. I am open to exploring cost and working within a sliding scale so please discuss your needs with me. Also let me know if you would like to contribute to someone else’s journey.

I have seen people walk away with a lot less emotional and spiritual weight and even be able to joyfully leave the home after experiencing anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia — I would love for you to have the opportunity to journey with medicine and me. Hear from people who have journeyed with me.

I orient to these medicines with frameworks such as parts work, energy work, body awareness, meditation, ego disillusionment, nature allyship, dream analysis, social context, nuerodivergence and more.

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“Jai is a wonderful guide and spiritual support. [He]…helps one delve deeper into the experience, feeling held and safe to explore realms that might otherwise be inaccessible.”

— D.W.

Psilocybin Journeys

Often, our symptoms related to (C)PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other diagnoses stem from trauma, oppression, and stuck energy. Psilocybin opens us up to repressed perspectives, sensory engagement, play, historical experiences, Source, and our full range of emotions. Psilocybin journeys give you the opportunity to transmute experiences into learning and expansion by honoring and feeling into them. Psilocybin is legal for personal use in the Denver area.

Cannabis Journeys

Cannabis is a wonderful ally for engaging one’s body sensations as messages and messengers. Movement, such as flow-state dance, small yogic adjustments, and felt-sense impulses, or attuned stillness are invited by cannabis and quite supportive to potentially releasing what no longer serves or inviting new possibilities. Cannabis can also support embracing parts of self that want to be re-integrated into your being. Cannabis is legal in Colorado.


In order to make journeying accessible and comfortable, I offer journeys in my carriage room (pictured here), at your home, or in a safe nature space. Cannabis journeys and low dose psilocybin journeys can sometimes be done online. Regardless of where you choose to journey, I will ensure you are comfortable and safe.

If I am not the guide for you I respect that fully — here is a list of facilitator options for you to explore.

All photos and information by Jai Reese of Journey With Jai 2022 or credited.