Journey With Jai

Journey With Jai

Guided by Earth's Wisdom


Psychedelic Medicine

Embrace healing and self-discovery with guided psychedelic medicine journeys.

Permaculture Gardening

Nurture biodiversity, use less water, and feed yourself with this sustainable gardening practice.

Pet &
Animal Care

Overnight or drop-in care for your furry friends that will give you peace of mind.



I’m Jai. I am trans, nature worshiping, energy sensitive, and autistic—all of which drive me to help us connect with our Earth and ourselves as aspects of nature while also navigating modern ways. I have created the services you see based on my passions, values, and gifts. Learn more about me.

Powerful Healing with Psychedelic Medicine Journeys

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These practices can support you in tuning into your embodied experiences before, during, and after a medicine journey. Read More "Practices"

Integration Support

Integration is a key part of Medicine Journey experiences so that we... Read More "Integration Support"

Medicine Gifts & Philosphies

I hope you enjoy hearing about medicine work reintegrating us into ourselves... Read More "Medicine Gifts & Philosphies"