Pet Care Questions
Pet Care Questions

Pet Care Questions

The purpose of these questions is so we can be on the same page with care for your furry and feathery cuties. Please feel free to answer these in written form and/or during our in person or online meet and greet. I look forward to learning your animal family! I can be reached at Thanks! You can find reviews about me related to home and pet care by googling Journey With Jai and also looking at my Rover profile (click link).

Who are your animals? 🙂

What are their food, treat and exercise needs and limits?

Do they have medications to take and what are they?

Do you have a compost and/or bin to collect scraps for your chickens?

Can you tell me or show me where things like leashes and food are?

Do your animals enjoy affection?

What do you want them to avoid or practice doing?

Does anyone chew on things? I can be mindful of both of our belongings.

Are they allowed on couches?

How do they get along with other dogs and cats? Is their behavior leash or fence dependent?

How often does the rabbit or cat litter box need cleaned?

Who is your steady vet and is there a 24/7 emergency provider near you? Do you trust my judgement in going to the vet if I cannot reach you for some reason? And will you reimburse me or do you have a credit card on file?

Does anyone run away or chase other animals?

How many updates and pictures do you appreciate a day?

How long can your animals be left alone?

What is your depart and return time?

How do I enter and exit the home?

Do you want me to water indoor plants, get mail, or take out trash during my stay? 

Do you have a couch or guest room for sleeping or what is the sleeping arrangement? I prefer not to be in your or your family members bed when that is possible.

Are you open to me inviting a guest or two whom I trust? I prefer to take on sits where partner or best friend are able to visit, especially if your animals can appreciate company.

Do you mind if I look around your kitchen area to find and use dishes and pans? Do you mind if I eat spices, oil, or foods in the fridge that will go bad before your return?

Do you use chemicals and scents that are not plant derived (for your cleaning products, laundry detergent, perfumes, home scents, or land care choices)?

Can you hear traffic from your home when inside or outside? What sounds might one hear? Is it a fairly quiet place? 

I will clean up areas I have trafficked before your arrival. I appreciate if your home is organized and clean upon my arrival as well. I will likely turn down a sit that is cluttered or does not get wiped down, vacuumed, swept and mopped. Does that all work for you?

What else do you want me to know about you, your animals, or home?

Do you want me to do any garden care or snow shoveling at a cost we decide on during my stay?

Thanks! You can find reviews about me related to home and pet care by googling Journey With Jai and also looking at my Rover profile (click link).

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