Journey With Jai
Permaculture Gardening

Permaculture Gardening

Sustainable Regenerative Gardening

Want to convert your grass/turf/Kentucky Blue Grass into a food and native plant space? Wonderful! I want us, plant and animal life to enjoy what we can create.

For garden, animal, and journey google reviews please open a window and type “Journey With Jai” into your google search bar.

I specialize in creating hugelkultur garden beds for pollinators, native plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs or medicinal plants. Fall and Winter are great times for these beds so they are prepped for us to plant in Spring. I am happy to convert your grass or empty places to a space that supports carbon sequestering, more microbes, less water use, feeding yourself, and cultivating biodiversity. You may be surprised at how your logs, branches, leaves and more can actually be turned into a garden bed and good soil!

  • I specialize in permaculture and hugelkultur which means that my focus is always on saving energy, resources, and already existing life while reducing waste, and cultivating native plants and nutritious soil—like a forest does. Insects and pollinators are allies in this process and I create a natural, sustainable environment like you would find in the wild. 
  • This often includes composting and creating beds using the resources on hand, i.e. greens, leaves, sticks, logs, stones, etc. If your preference is to focus on aesthetics and haul off the natural resources in your garden, another gardener would be a better fit for you. 
  • Gardening is an opportunity for me to connect with nature and become part of the process of healing the earth. As such, I will sometimes prefer to work independently or quietly while together/with a fellow gardener. If you choose to work alongside me, I am happy to educate on my process as well as learn your needs. If I work alone I will get to know your expectations before leaning into the work and enjoying the serenity and physical movement that gardening brings. 

I also work alongside The Living Systems Institute as a garden member of the Reinhabit Collective. Feel free to check out our site and opt into the $100 tax deductible donation for 4 hours of work a month.

The cost for gardening services is $25 an hour and that can include labor, material procurement, and research. Payments can be paid to via Zelle or we can discuss other options. Invoice upon request. Please check out policies here.

I am also happy to snow shovel and do this often. $50 per two car driveway and sidewalk with a medium snowfall is a baseline for guesstimating cost together.

I have my Earth Activist PDC and experience working at Red Butte Botanical Garden, the U of U grounds, and organic farms.

“Jai works hard, cares about the quality of the work produced, communicates clearly and is beautiful energy to be around. I highly recommend.”

— Jen

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