About Jai Reese

Jai Reese (He, Him, They, Them)

I provide these services with plant medicines because I cannot not — this calling incorporates my nature connection passions, my intuitive and sensory sensitivities, and my personal and educational navigation of trauma healing. I offer myself to plants as a conduit and to individuals as a reflector because I believe in our collective (re)generative power. I am a Medicine Guide and did training through the Clinic and Psychedelic Sitter School of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness in 2018. I am currently supported and educated by The Psychedelic Introvert and I am doing Embodylab’s Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Training. Though there is overlap, I am not a therapist or coach but am happy to work alongside those practitioners for your benefit. I share compassion, reflections, perspectives, preparation and integration assistance, resources, encouragement, and skills for navigating the joys and stored traumas that surface in Medicine space. I am here to keep you safe and name support and new vantage points that surface with Cannabis or Psilocybin. My bachelor majors are in Psychology and Gender Studies, I have completed a year of Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy, and I have certification as a Wilderness First Responder and Yoga Instructor. My professional employment has included working as a head instructor at RedCliff Ascent Wilderness Therapy, working with animals as a sitter and hiker, permaculture gardening with the Living Systems Institute, and part time Case Management at Valley Mental Health for individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses. I am from Ute territory in what is colonized as Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have had a bond with plants, elements, and animals since I was little and continue to listen to landscapes while learning how to symbiotically interact. My personal connection to entheogens which started over a decade ago, my trans identity, and my bond with nature are where transpersonal understandings, holding Journey space, and undomesticated earth-based spiritual contact emerged for me. I am passionate about the intersection of energetic awarenesses, mental health, and social justice. I tend to positionality and systemic oppression related to your ability, ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality. Some of my reparations and access oriented work involves free, trade, and sliding scale offerings. My intentions are to listen to you and your needs, validate who you are, explore new terrain, ask open questions for you to discover more of your internal and external worlds, and guide you as you engage parts of self, reparenting, nature and community connection, and trauma release. My hope is for you to experience the ongoing practice of being with yourself and your relationships to people and the natural world in more intimate and embodied ways. I look forward to holding Psychedelic Earth Journey space!

“My journey was an amazing one! I did an online cannabis journey with Jai and it went really well. Jai is kind and gentle and made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole journey. I enjoyed the chakra meditation he took me through. I revisited my chakras while in the journey, and had some great awarenesses. I had moments of great peace and some tears were shed. I would recommend this type of journey to anyone interested, and Jai is your person to journey with. I plan on taking another journey with Jai in the future.” V.R.

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