Earth Journeys With Jai
About Jai

About Jai

Jai Reese (He, Him, They, Them)

About Me

Jai is my name and is a portion of my given birth name. Choosing Jai flowed. Jai also happens to mean “yes”, “victory”, and/or “celebration” in Sanskrit—all elements of experience that I hope we get to engage while journeying in life together. 

Hello! I am trans, nature worshiping, intuitive, and autistic—all of which drive me to help us connect with our Earth and ourselves as aspects of nature while also navigating modern ways. I have created the services you see based on my passions, values, and gifts. My foundational invitation is to support bringing forward your moment to moment inner nature and transmuting your life experiences into personal and shareable power and growth. I am committed to my own growth and learning as I do this work as well. I am based out of what is colonized as Denver, CO on land of the Ute, Arapaho and Cheyenne people.

Who I Support

I work with individual adults ages 21 and older and especially enjoy working with queer and nuerodivergent people, folks interested in somatic energy work and spirituality, those at a standstill with other forms of care, introverts, and folks who know themselves and need a safe container to let their supported essence unveil.

My Why

I like to support people connecting to their internal landscape and the natural world in order to expand individual and cultural paradigms. I want each of us to remember how to feel, see, wonder and connect. Cannabis and psilocybin continue to invite my own orientation toward learning and I am grateful I get to share that.


Some of my training, education, and work includes The Psychedelic Sitter School, mentorship with the Psychedelic Introvert, BA in both Psychology and Gender Studies at The University of Utah, Valley Behavioral Health work with people with SPMI, Embodylab’s Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy program, YTT with Yoga Assets, Mindfulness and Vipassana Meditation Courses at Naropa University and student centers, Soul Dimension’s Breathwork, NOLS Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Therapy Guiding at RedCliff Ascent, World-Wide Organic Farming with Shumei, Earth Activist Permaculture Designing, gardening with The Living Systems Institute, and engaging Denver Dog Hikers. I am happy to be transparent about my capacities and services. Check out my profiles on Psychable and Frshmind.

All photos by Jai Reese