Checking Power Dynamics
Checking Power Dynamics

Checking Power Dynamics

The purpose of this post is to let you know that our Journeywork together is centered on your well being. I welcome input during and after the medicine journeywork experiences. -By Jai Reese

You get to decide and feel into what is best for you, both when sober and during medicine journeywork. Part of healing trauma and encouraging growth and empowerment are choice and consent and I honor that.

I will guide and provide options for exploring such as chakra scans and open questions though you get to decide what is in alignment with you and in turn know yourself more. Medicine and I support you learning what is resonant for you as you engage our time together and for day to day life.

No touch between us will be sexual in conduct. If we both choose touch in a sober state prior to medicine journeywork then it can involve hand or shoulder touching for comfort. Touch can also involve assistance in standing or walking to the bathroom where I would then close the door and leave you to your privacy.

The plant medicine, nature and your body are wise teachers. I am present to make sure you are safe and to provide support and optional guidance. It is important for both you and I to remember that we are both people and be carful to not displace or project the magic, power or hardship of medicine experiences onto one another. 

We both come into Journeywork with biases, life paths, and understandings that will influence what we do and how we perceive the experiences. Let’s check, see, and appreciate our differences and views. I come to this work with passion around queer identities, undomesticated spirituality, somatic wisdom, ethical polyamory and monogamy, and care for earth with us humans as aware participants.

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