Safety Agreements

Medicine Journeywork Safety Agreements

Photo by Jai Reese
  • We agree to treat each other and our boundaries with respect.
  • We agree to discuss our current state of being and life circumstances and affirm that we are ready for the medicine experience we desire.
  • We agree that no touch will be sexual and that all touch will be consensual and decided on in a sober state.
  • We agree to check in around feelings of safety if we become anxious or paranoid.
  • We agree to be mindful of projections and transference that we place on our medicine experience, the medicine and our guide.
  • We agree to not record any of the sessions with audio or video.
  • We agree that our experience must only be shared by our guide if suicidality, homocidality, or self-harm are present. All sessions are confidential.
  • We agree that confidentiality is maintained if we share mutual connections.
  • We agree to only work with clean medicine that is responsibly sourced. We agree to medicines and dosages that we know are physically and psychologically safe for us.
  • We agree to a designated location and space and will not leave those boundaries.
  • We agree to not drive until sober. A designated driver is necessary if leaving immediately after your medicine experience.
  • We agree to make sure you have an emergency contact person written down and available as needed.
  • We agree to a cost or trade named and known before the medicine sessions take place. We agree to pay prior to the services. We agree to follow through on trade or monetary exchange.
  • We agree to speak at least once before and after the medicine journeywork session in order to assess safety and support your intentions and integration.
  • We agree to let each other know if sick. We agree to wear a mask as needed. We agree to get a negative covid test before moving forward if exposed to covid-19. So you are aware, I have had two vaccines and a booster.
  • We agree that you are voluntarily engaging and assuming all possible risks and will not hold Jai liable.
  • We agree to communicate any schedule shifts.
  • As a guide, I agree to share my training and expertise and let you know if I think we are not a good fit.
Photo by Jai Reese in CO

These agreements have been adapted for my purposes from Medicinal Mindfulness Conscious Cannabis Circles.