Psilocybin Journeywork

Please check out framework options, information and pricing below.


I recommend partaking in Psilocybin with this framework that I am calling I.N.V.I.T.E. This structure is in order to invite more depth, intention, and expansion in relation to you and your Journeywork. Journeying has great potential to shape new ways of acting, perceiving and being when encouraged and engaged with care.


3 Preparation Sessions before Medicine Journeywork as Follows:

1 – INQUIRING — Who are you? Who am I as your guide? What are your beliefs about yourself and about journeying? What do you think or know Journeying entails and what do you believe is possible?

2 – NAMING — What brings you to this work? What are your hopes and intentions? What kind of input would you like to share about your setting and what kind of meditations or embodiment practices support you?

3 – VALUING — What relationships and experiences have shaped you and how? Who are your current supports? Do you connect with guides, nature, and/or a spirituality?


3 Integration Sessions after Medicine Journeywork as Follows:

1 – INTEGRATING — What came up in your Medicine Journeywork? How are you feeling? Can I share some resources and suggestions? What additional questions do you have?

2 – TRANSLATING — How are you implementing and engaging experiences and insights that surfaced with Medicine? What do you see your Journeywork inviting into your internal and external world currently and in the future?

3 – EMBODYING — Who are you and how do you feel inside yourself and in relation to nature, loved ones, and your passions? What is present for you at this time? What activities or human supports are new in your life that encourage and invite your well being?

This framework is a total of 7 sessions (counting Medicine Journey) and they can occur weekly. Integration and Preparation are each an hour per session and can be done online or outdoors. Medicine Journeywork is done in nature or your place of stay. The total cost is $720 and can be paid via Zelle to in lump sum or (bi)weekly. Payment of your invoice is what will confirm our chosen dates together. The cost exchange breakdown is $60 per Preparation or Integration Session ($360 for the six total) and $360 for our Medicine Journeywork time.

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If you cannot afford the above framework then please see this useful one below. Exchange is $200-420 sliding scale and/or trade is an option.




All three of these sessions connect to provide you some support and occur within two weeks of one another. I may request that we have additional preparation sessions if that will better support us both in navigating Medicine Journeywork space together. I am also available for and encourage additional Integration support via $50 one hour sessions online or in nature so please reach out if you would like to request that.

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Jai facilitates a safe, calm, healing environment for journey work. But beyond those initial and essential conditions, he also expresses and allows for deep connection within yourself for spiritual modes of being. His connection with spirits of nature embodied carry into your own, and his rhythms guide you on a journey meant for you. Jai provides the wisdom, experience, and heart to know how to best be there for you in any way you might need or desire. He has a deep wisdom for the medicines he engages with and for how they affect people. Jai’s intuitive understanding of healing and journeying is truly remarkable; and anyone who is in the least bit intrigued by the potential of the experience of journeying could not ask for a better guide than Jai (particularly for queer and trans people).” — R.C.T.

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I am now offering 3 or 4 day, 2 or 3 night backpacking trips alongside Medicine Journeywork! Please ask about exchange and what our time together in nature may look like if interested. This amount of time outside is ideal for further integration support from me and the land rather than hopping immediately back into quick pace and work or technological distractions.

Offerings are available for couples and groups — feel free to ask about that!

Please note that though I would like to work with anyone interested I reserve the right to not do so for the health of everyone involved.

Photo by Geran de Klerk


What is a Preparation Session? Prep is time for us to get to know one another more, and get clear on location and dosage, the process of the Psilocybin Journeywork Session, and your intentions.

What is an Integration Session? Integrating is about choosing to consciously see and explore what surfaced in your Psilocybin Journeywork Session. This session happens last. Talking is one great way of integrating thoughts, feelings and experiences and I will give you ideas of other ways to explore your experiences and newfound understandings. You will also have the opportunity to share feedback with me and schedule further sessions if you would like.

What is a Psilocybin Journeywork Session?

  • I will:
    • Guide you with meditation(s)/chakra scan, reminders, reflections, music/ soundscapes, and affirmations.
    • Listen and follow your energetic or verbal curiosities.
    • Slow us down, reflect your experience to you, share perspectives so you can see what resonates, encourage your explorations and transitions.
    • Hold a compassionate supportive container as you enter into feelings, body sensations, memories, visuals, relations, song and more.
    • Share resources and information.
  • You might:
    • Wear an eye mask laying down with visuals, dance to music, stretch as your body asks, connect with plant life.
    • Laugh, cry, yell, vomit, shake to purge trauma.
    • Explore the wisdom, serenity, and trials you carry.
    • Let go of, transform, notice or navigate stored pain and experiences.
    • Celebrate your gifts, your worth, and who you are.
    • Meet your experience of Higher Power, Universe, Infinite Mystery.
    • Connect more deeply with nature, reciprocity, and gratitude.
    • Experience ego dissolution, senses merging, guides presenting, increased body awareness, desire to vocalize or sing.
    • Navigate parts of self, fragmentation and wholeness.
    • Experience a spiritual death or transformation and love.
  • Where:
    • Psilocybin Sessions are done in a comfortable space in your place of stay or yard, and in the sacred wilderness.