Psilocybin Journeywork

Psilocybin Medicine Option

Individual Psilocybin Journeywork includes three sessions as follows:

– 1 Hour Online Preparation Session

– 4-6 Hour Psilocybin Journeywork Session

– 1 Hour Online Integration Session

Total for Psilocybin Sessions sliding scale $175-375. Trade is an option as well.

All three sessions connect to provide you the most support and ideally occur within a few days of one another.

I am also available for and encourage additional Integration support via one hour sessions so please reach out.

Offerings available for groups of two or three—feel free to ask about that!

What is a Preparation Session? Prep is time for us to get to know one another more, and get clear on location and dosage, the process of the Psilocybin Journeywork Session, and your intentions.

What is an Integration Session? Integrating is about choosing to consciously see and explore what surfaced in your Psilocybin Journeywork Session. This session happens last. Talking is one great way of integrating thoughts, feelings and experiences and I will give you ideas of other ways to explore your experiences and newfound understandings. You will also have the opportunity to share feedback with me and schedule further sessions if you would like.

What is a Psilocybin Journeywork Session?

  • I will:
    • Guide you with meditation(s)/chakra scan, reminders, reflections, music/ soundscapes, and affirmations.
    • Listen and follow your energetic or verbal curiosities.
    • Slow us down, reflect your experience to you, share perspectives so you can see what resonates, encourage your explorations and transitions.
    • Hold a compassionate supportive container as you enter into feelings, body sensations, memories, visuals, relations, song and more.
  • You might:
    • Where an eye mask laying down with visuals, dance to the birds or music, stretch as your body as it asks, observe and connect with plant life.
    • Explore the wisdom, serenity, and trials you carry.
    • Let go of, transform, notice or navigate stored pain and experiences.
    • Celebrate your gifts, your worth, and who you are.
    • Meet your experience of Higher Power, Universe, Infinite Mystery.
    • Connect more deeply with nature, reciprocity, and gratitude.
    • Experience ego dissolution, senses merging, guides presenting, increased body awareness, desire to vocalize or sing, connection to divinity and more.
  • Where:
    • Psilocybin Sessions are done in a comfortable space in your home or in the sacred wilderness.

Photo by Jai Reese in CO