by Jai Reese

  • Chakra Breath Scan
    Go ahead and take some time to get comfortable sitting, standing or laying down and then enjoy this 20 minute Chakra meditation.
  • Medicine Gifts & Philosphies
    I hope you enjoy hearing about medicine work reintegrating us into ourselves and the earth–click the play button to listen!
  • 4/20 Surrender
    Sometimes we fear a bad trip but some time periods of our life are that on the daily. When we cannot afford to be ourselves the only thing we are left to do is attempt to move against our own grain. That is painful and understandably protective! It is a feeling of spinning and spiraling […]
  • Preparation Guidance
    Prep–Getting ready! So you are about to go on a trip? Awesome! Let’s make sure you have some of the information you need. Whether your trip is backpacking, work-related, vacation, or Medicine Journeywork–planning and preparation are important! Here are some guideposts for you as you prepare to partake in this journey. Preparing Your Space–Setting ☺ […]