Medicine Journeywork

Photo by Alfred Leung on Unsplash

Hey, I am happy you are here! I am based out of what is colonized as Denver, Co. I hold psychedelic Medicine Journeywork space online, in person, or outdoors. Journeywork is about healing and self-discoveries that ripple into your daily life. This rippling ignites living into new and/or very ancient paradigms of tending to your worth, one another, our work in the world, relationship to spirituality, and support for our planet. I carry a lens that incorporates nature, spirit, play, trauma awareness and position within social contexts. Like a conduit, I tune in and attune to you and Cannabis or Psilocybin as an ally. As you and I navigate alongside one of these medicines, I will hold a compassionate supportive container so you can move with hardships and unfold into your personal gifts and wisdoms. I am happy you are showing up for yourself and, in turn, your relationships–in their many forms!–Jai

I am happy to share my most recent thoughts with you below.

  • Integration Support
    Integration is a key part of Medicine Journey experiences so that we take the space and time to implement some of the insights that surfaced during our Journeywork. If we move on with life as if the Medicine Journey was solely momentary entertainment or a hopeful quick fix then we may miss […]
  • Resources!
    Check out these articles, institutions, books, films and people that can support Journeywork. HEALING AND LEARNING SUPPORT Embodiment Plus Personal and Collective Trauma — Somatic Understandings — Relationship and Attachment Awareness — Debunking Dominant Cultural Ideologies — HONORING PEOPLE, LAND, AND SPIRIT Maria Sabina Holder of Psilocybin Wisdom […]

Photo by Jai Reese