Cannabis Journeywork

A Journey To Discovery

I am now offering 3 or 4 day, 2 or 3 night backpacking trips alongside Medicine Journeywork! Please ask about exchange and what our time together in nature may look like if interested. This amount of time outside is ideal for further integration support from me and the land rather than hopping immediately back into quick pace and work or technological distractions.

Three Individual Cannabis Journeywork Sessions:

FIRST — 1 Hour Online PREPARATION Session


LASTLY — 1 Hour Online INTEGRATION Session

Total for outside, online or in your home or yard — Sliding Scale $150-300. I will invoice you and payment will confirm our decided upon dates for these sessions. Trade is a possibility too.

Please aim to not skip a session — all three sessions connect to provide you the most support and ideally all occur within a 2 or 3 week timeframe.

I am available for and encourage additional Integration support via one hour online or park walk sessions.

Offerings available for couples and groups — feel free to ask about that.

Please note that while I would like to work with anyone interested I reserve the right to not do so for the health of everyone involved.


I will:

-Hold a compassionate supportive container.

Allow you to enter feelings, sensations, memories, visuals, relations…

-Guide you with meditation(s), chakra scan, soundscapes

Give you reminders, reflections, affirmations.

-Make sure you are physically safe and trust your process.

Share information, views, and resources.

You might:

-Explore the wisdom, serenity, and trials you carry.

-Let go of, transform, notice or navigate stored pain and experiences.

-Celebrate your gifts, your worth, and who you are.

-Meet your experience of Higher Power, Universe, Infinite Mystery.

-Learn how to create a sacred setting.


-A comfortable space in your home, apt. or yard.

-In the sacred wilderness in a location you love or that I have prepared.

-On intentional space created via Zoom video.


“My journey was an amazing one! I did an online journey with Jai and it went really well. Jai is kind and gentle and made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole journey. I enjoyed the chakra meditation he took me through. I revisited my chakras while in the journey, and had some great awarenesses. I had moments of great peace and some tears were shed. I would recommend this type of journey to anyone interested, and Jai is your person to journey with. I plan on taking another journey with Jai in the future.” V.R.


What is a Preparation Session?

Prep is time for us to get to know one another more as well as get clear on logistics, the Cannabis Journeywork Session experience, and your intentions. I can also tell you how to make Cannabis blends for the psychedelic potential you might like to experience.

What is an Integration Session?

Integrating is about choosing to consciously see and explore what surfaced in your Cannabis Journeywork Session. Talking is one great way of doing that and I will give you ideas of other ways to integrate your experiences and new understandings. You will also have the opportunity to share feedback with me and schedule further sessions if you would like.

What is a Cannabis Journeywork Session?

This session will give you the opportunity to experience cannabis outside of a recreational setting so that you can tune into what is actually surfacing for you and have your experience held, accepted, supported, or aided in cultivation. I can teach you about making a cannabis blend which may assist in enhancing psychedelic and visual potential. We will have time for meditation, intention naming, and imbibing in the beginning, a majority time for laying down and journeying with cannabis as an ally in the middle, and time for re-surfacing, snacking and remembering at the end. I also welcome movement (stretching or dance) when that is aligned with what is calling to you! Fluid movement is incredibly powerful and empowering.

Photo by Jai Reese in CO