About Me

Jai sharing a bit of their medicine experiences with a friend.
Jai Reese

Jai Reese (He, Him, They, Them)

I am a Medicine Guide and did training through the clinic and Psychedelic Sitter School of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness in 2018. Though there is overlap, I am not a therapist or coach. I will share compassion, reflections, perspectives, integration assistance, and encouragement with you. I am here to keep you safe and provide support and new vantage points as you navigate experiences and insights that surface with Cannabis or Psilocybin. My bachelor majors are in Psychology and Gender Studies, I have completed a year of Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy, and I have certification as a Wilderness First Responder and Yoga Instructor. My professional employment has included working as a head instructor at RedCliff Ascent Wilderness Therapy, working with animals as a self employed sitter and Denver Dog Hiker, permaculture gardening through the Living Systems Institute, and acting as a part time Case Manager at Valley Mental Health for individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses. I am from Ute territory in what is colonized as Salt Lake City, Utah. I have had a bond with plants, elements, and animals since I was little and continue to listen to landscapes and their inhabitants while learning how best to symbiotically interact. I began personal connection with entheogens over a decade ago. The confluence of my trans identity and nature are where transpersonal understandings, medicine work, and undomesticated spiritual contact merge for me. I am passionate about the intersection of social justice, spirituality, and mental health and I tend to positionality as it is related to ability, race, ethnicity, religion, class, sex, gender and sexuality. My approach with Medicine Journeywork involves keeping you physically safe, providing a container for gratitude and compassion toward our minds and spirits, and allowing your body wisdom and experience to unfold. My intentions are to listen to you and your needs, validate who you are, share potential perspectives around your experiences, and ask open questions for you to discover more of your internal and external world. I look forward to supporting your Journeywork!

Photo by Jai Reese at Great Salt Lake