Preparation Guidance

Prep–Getting ready!

So you are about to go on a trip? Awesome! Let’s make sure you have some of the information you need. Whether your trip is backpacking, work-related, vacation, or Medicine Journeywork–planning and preparation are important! Here are some guideposts for you as you prepare to partake in this journey.

Preparing Your Space–Setting

This is primarily for indoor preparation though there is overlap for outdoor sessions. Feel free to set up an altar in your sacred space. As you prepare and clean up ask, “What am I calling in or clearing out?” This may help you create intentions for your journey. Make sure your space is quiet, safe, clean and private. Below is a list of what you may need.

  • Pillow and blanket.
  • Eye Covering–darkness allows for visuals and internal attention.
  • Padding, camp or yoga mat for lying on.
  • Comfortable layers of clothing.
  • Small trash can with liner or bowl in case you need to vomit.
  • Small first aid kit and inhaler if needed and if available.
  • Ceremonial items you may feel connected to; candle, instrument, a stone, jewelry, sweet grass, etc.
  • Essential oils if wanted for calming.
  • Smoking pipe, vape, or pre-rolled joint, lighter, and ash holder.
  • Psilocybin or Cannabis Flower unless partaking in my flower blend.
  • Pure CBD flower or nano-encapsulated CBD spray for calming if needed and if you have access.  
  • Journal for reflecting and writing if wanted at the end.
  • Water for throughout the session.
  • Snacks you like for after the session–maybe chocolate, trail mix, fruit, or jerky. You can prepare what you want beforehand and have it near.

Note–I will bring some snacks if in person too so let me know of any allergies. I will also bring things such as my woodwind, tissues, a candle, lighter, and cbd leaf.

Cannabis Blends (Info. Extracted from Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate by Daniel McQueen)

  • If you want, you can make a cannabis blend infusing your vibes and intuitions as you go along. You may also simply use a single strain of your choosing.
  • Blends can enhance your experience and psychedelic potential. Sometimes they have a balancing affect as well—stativa’s anxiety provoking nature may be tamed by indica’s body awareness.
  1. Use between 3 and 12 organic strains for blends with equal parts indica, hybrid, and sativa.
  2. Blend equal parts of the strains in mortar and pestle or grinder and bowl. Feel free to add a bit of cbn or cbd flower if you would like as well.
  3. Begin to tune in intuitively and bodily to how much cannabis you may want for your session.

Potential Experiences! 

Synesthesia is a big part of my experiences! Expect to ride the hard stuff and the euphoric and notice how that polarity seamlessly plays together. Tension and pain release can feel soooo good.

-Thoughts: new or old ideas, patterns, memories, projections, introjections, and judgments of self or others…

-Visions: symbols, images, fractals, terrains, architecture, colors, and guides… 

-Feelings: comfortable or uncomfortable; bliss, fear, anger, joy, pain, grief, acceptance, love, peace…

-Physiology/Body: pain, tension, contractions, shaking, trembling, discharges, ease, euphoria, release, relaxation, and clarity of body/mind/spirit

-Energetic: temperature fluctuations, electrical pulses or intensity, vibrational sensations, grounding, and movement through your body…

-Transpersonal: entities, archetypes such as trickster or witch, spirits, ancestors, generational patterns, nature’s voices, connection to Higher Power/Universe/God(dess), feeling or seeing presences..

Intention Creating (many of these questions are from LPC Alison McQueen-MDMA trials and Medicinal Mindfulness)

Tune into and answer the questions or prompts that call at you as you begin preparing for your Journeywork Session. You are welcome to share thoughts, feelings and answers in our Preparation Session together and/or email me your responses.

What do you hope to receive from this experience?

How do the seasons or your view of them inform your intentions (perhaps… autumn

transformation, winter stillness or depth, spring growth and opening, or vibrant summer ecstasy)?

What fears or concerns do you have?

What are you willing to check at the door before we dive in?

Is there part of you open to this being easy?

What critical or difficult voices might show up for you and how do you imagine relating to them?

What are your resources, who can you speak to about your experience?

Are their meaningful objects you’d like to add to the alter and guides you’d like to invite into ceremony?

What parts of self do you imagine working with or allowing to unfold?

How can skills such as meditation and breathing assist for the variety of sensations, emotions, visuals, or memories that may arise?

Is there specific support you’d like to request from me? (Words and affirmations of safety or support as an example)


Something that is very present for me right now is…
Something I’m avoiding is…
I have concerns about…
I’m curious about…
I am inspired to explore…
I am ready to let go of…
In this moment I deeply desire…

Intention Statement(s)—

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to…
I am choosing to…

Enjoy reflecting!

Photo by Jai Reese at the Great Salt Lake

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