Journey With Jai


Pet Care

A quarter (1/4) of the sit stay/drop-in/walk cost is required to hold my calendar dates for your pets. This deposit is due within a week of reaching out to me with your needs. It is paid via Zelle to or cash at this time. This partial payment is non-refundable if canceled less than 30 days from the start date of scheduled booking. I am happy to invoice you as needed.

If I become sick or unable to complete your animal care request, I will refund you and give you the contact of another potential pet sitter or helper.


Preparation, the medicine journey, and integration are all paid in advance to book times you select in my calendar. I will email you an invoice and payment will be due within a week of that being sent otherwise we will need to reschedule our times together. Your invoice is paid via Zelle to at this time. I understand emergencies and needs exist so please be in contact.

If I become sick or unable to move forward on a certain date, then I will reschedule with you. If I feel we are not a good fit, I will refund you any payment for meetings that have not taken place. I will refer you to other forms of care if my judgement is that we cannot continue.


Payment is due upon completion of work daily unless we agree on a weekly timeframe or when a project is complete. $25 an hour includes manual work, resource procurement, and extra research needs. This is paid cash or via Zelle to at this time. Invoice available upon request.

If I am unable to move forward on a scheduled date, I will reschedule with you asap. Please do the same with me and notify me if you need to coordinate different timing.